The island of Andros is part of the Cyclades islands complex. It is very well know for the abundant waters, some of which are rich in minerals and have curative properties.

A visit to the main town is a must, to see the impressive stone houses, the marble promenade leading to the lighthouse and the Unknown Sailor large square. You will find traditional coffee shops under the shade of the sycamore trees, small boutiques with traditional products and restaurants.

The movie “MIGRA ANGLIA” was filmed entirely in the Chora of Andros. With the elegant neoclassical mansions,  Chora  is one of the most charming capitals of the Aegean. It is famous for its pastry shops which specialize in almond cookies.

176 km of sea shores surround the island of Andros.

There are 34 beautiful small and large beaches distributed both in northern and in southern coastline , which make it  easy  for the visitor to enjoy the sea no matter what wind prevails.